Our Focused on Feature

Reliable and Secure Platform

onSALES application is hosted in cloud platform. Mobile applocations are hosted in Google Play Store & App Store. All those platforms are very reliable and secure platform.

Support by Multiple Mobile OS

onSALES mobile application can be install in both Android OS and iOS. So a large number of user can use this app in their preferred mobile OS.

Rapid Customer Support

Good customer service means helping customers in such an efficient manner that it exceeds customer expectations. Binarylogin provides a rapid Customer Support for all BL customers. Binarylogin launched a suppoting tool for provide support to customers very fast.

Pre-Journey Plan

Most important task for sales officer’s is plan their journey. Here Journey is a group of visits. Visit can be any Distributor, Dealer, Sub-Dealer visit or any other type of business partner visit. Journey with Visit can be planned by back-office using web application or sales officers can plan their own journey by using onSALES mobile app.

Live Location Tracking

onSALES track all sales officer's current location whose GPS tracking option is enable. This tracking system works within their duty time. onSALES track sales officer's current location by using their mobile GPS system. Sales officer’s current or last location can be view in Google Map with location name from back-office by using web application.

Sales, Order & Stock Management

Sales is the strong part of onSALES application. It covers both Primary Sales & Secondary Sales.

Now it is very easy to collect customer's stock details & place orders through onSALES mobile app. Sales officers can add products with quantity & place a order for any Distributor, Dealer, Sub-Dealer. After place a order it can be manage by oTRACK or order can be pass to any third-party software like SAP through using API that shared by third-party software.

Route Draw Google Map View

When a sales officer in way of his/her journey then his/her visit location is tracked by their mobile GPS system.

All visit locations tracked by sales officers mobile GPS system.

All tracked visit location can be draw on a Google Map which is called Route Draw on Google Map.

Prospective Outlet & Geocode Business Partners

Sales officers are able to visit any type of prospective outlets or influencers & add them in system by their onSALES mobile application.

Geocode is a process, by which business partners geo location can be add in system. Sales officers can geocode any business partner like Distributor, Dealer, Sub-Dealer etc. at the time of visit. It will help back-office users & mobile app users to find those geocoded business partners easily on map view.

Journey Distance Calculation

Journey distance calculation is one of the most important feature in onSALES. Marketing/Sales officers journey distance are calculate within their duty time only. onSALES used two type of methods for calculate journey distance.

1st Method : Submitted odometer reading.

2nd Method : Collect routed distance from Google through API call.

Finally, onSALES app take average distance of above two type methods.

Employee Leave Manage

Every employee need a leave. onSALES makes it is very easy to apply leave & track applied leave status. onSALES mobile app allow all employee to submit their leave. In back-office authenticate user can view those applied leaves & either approve or reject those leave applications. Employee can track their leave application status in their onSALES mobile app.

Employee Notice Manage

Notice is a very important in any business. It is very difficult to inform any urgent notice to all employee who are working in sales fields. There is one option to call all sales officers about any urgent notice. There is a chance to miss some sales officers. Also, this is a time-consuming task. Another option is sending a mail. Which can not be read by them when they are in field job. onSALES manage notice which can be create by back-office using web app & can be view in mobile app.


onSALES allow you to collect required data from customers & help you to analysis those data. An online survey helps businesses find out how competitors perform in several key categories of their business when compared to you.

Third Party Software Integration

Business sometimes required data from other software which is called a third-party software. Some time it needs to transfer data to third-Party software as per business requirement. This total process is done by Implementing API services. onSALES is a software which is strongly support Third-Party Software Integration. It calls Third-Party API & retrieve required business data. It provides own API to be call by Third-Party Software.

SMS & Email Support

onSALES App is very responsive. Its always available. Its verbose. All important communications may also be carried forward using the SMS and Email. Add or update points, warning for expiry of active points, gift request status etc. are informed via SMS & Email services to Business Partner & Influencers.

Back Office Operations

onSALES application provides a Large and well decorated web application. It is very easy to learn and use. All type of back office operations, like add or update Business Partner & Influencers, Emplyee management, sales management, journey management, location tracking etc. are managed by web application.

Reports with Multiple Format

Reporting is another important feature of the onSALES application. All important types of reports that are required to manage this application are already present. Customer can view and/or Download any type of customized report if required. Customized reports may also be created upon request.

Hosting in Cloud Platform

Cloud computing is a term referred to storing and accessing data over the internet. It doesn't store any data on the hard disk of your personal computer. In cloud computing, you can access data from a remote server.

onSALES web application & Database can be hosted in cloud platform. This makes the application very fast, Cost Savings, Unlimited storage capacity, reliable and secure platform. By porting the application to cloud, the round-the-clock availability of the application is ensured. Also, the application, when clubbed with the power of cloud will be able to handle the spikes of business at particular times of high business.

Fully Customizable

onSALES application is fully customizable. Customer can add, update or remove any model as required.

Gorgeous design

onSALES application comes with a very gorgeous design. Web Apllication & Mobile apps are designed based on customers preferred theme.

Well documented

onSALES application is very well documented. Each & every modules are documented properly.

Responsive Design.

onSALES web application is completely responsive design application. It can be used in cross web browser & devices like Personal Computer or TAB.

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